1. Introduction

Our aim is to find out how varying concentrations of fertiliser affect algae blooms. We chose this topic as farmers who want a large profit margin tend to put a lot of fertiliser to hasten their crops’ growth. However, runoff due to rain would flow into nearby water bodies and result in algae blooms (WRI, 2015). These blooms would result in the depletion of dissolved oxygen and the death of aquatic life (CDC, 2015 and FAO, 2015). We want to see and record down how fertilisers would affect algae blooms with a scaled-down experiment. Our results show that algae blooms flourish at a specific range of concentrations of fertiliser. From this, farmers could possibly use less fertiliser by more careful and controlled application of fertiliser (UVM, 2015) to cut costs and avoid runoff. This experiment would allow us to determine the impact of farming on aquatic life and more solutions could be suggested for eco-friendly farming practices. Merits and limitations of the method are also discussed as well as potential directions for future research are highlighted.

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