5. Conclusion

Many of our less concentrated samples had a greater concentration of algae despite having a lower concentration of fertiliser than the other samples of a higher concentration. Thus we concluded that a higher concentration of fertiliser may not necessarily result in larger blooms. The presence of fertiliser would still result in blooms with time however.
Areas for improvement
We could have had a greater range of how much fertiliser that was used and also conduct the experiment at a larger scale to see if algae also bloom at different concentrations of algae or if the size of a water body affects algae blooms.

Areas for further research
We could look into how different types of fertiliser affect an algae bloom as some fertilisers are made inclined towards a certain nutrient of the 3 key nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. This would allow us to look further into what farmers would really use as their fertiliser and help us determine which nutrient spurs algae blooms the most.

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